Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If I could just detach my heart from my body for a few minutes, show it to her so that I won't have to say the words.

This calms my less than intrepid self but worries my soul.

For it sounds so foreboding.

I might really end up losing my heart... left shamed and dying again.

At the mercy of someone who'll have to resurrect me.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Color Yellow

Sometime before the elections in 1992, I remember standing by the window worrying; it was the innocent kind of worrying and emoting.

President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino's term is about to end. She will be leaving the country's top post and will start living the life of an ordinary citizen.

I felt sad then because she would soon be replaced by another unknown entity. Even at a young age, the uncertainty of it all was a scary thing.

NOw, about 26 years later, I find myself feeling the same kind of sadness and anxiety. Perhaps, most of my fellow Filipinos feel this too.

Cory, as she is more popularly known is leaving us. Again. This time, permanently.
And at a time where people's disappointment over the misdeeds of its elected public SERVANTS have exponentially increased.

But more than the sadness are the feelings of amazement and sense of unity at how the nation is reacting over her death.

At this very moment, I don't feel like saying "I am Proud to be Pinoy".

It is more like, "At this very moment, I feel MORE proud to be Pinoy!"

Monday, April 06, 2009

That four-letter word

This must be post-exam stress but I suddenly remembered something that suddenly occurred to me when I (no this wasn't sudden) reviewing for the insurance finals.

In fire insurance there are what you call friendly fire and hostile fire. Friendly fire is one which stays where it is meant to burn. Simply put it, hostile fire is one which burns where it shouldn't, leaving destruction and chaos. Oh I'm pretty sure Sir Hector De Leon did not put it that way. It's just my "rainbow attempt at drama" overcoming me.

Anyway, since my mind has this terrible proclivity for getting itself distracted; interconnecting things which creatures of compos mentis state would not normally do... I suddenly (there it is again) but very calmly realized...

For some, Love is something that starts out as a friendly fire that ends up into a hostile one.

How dreadly. I should risk-distribute and get an insurance policy.

Oh and of course pray harder I get a passing grade... Grrr

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Finest Creatures ;)

Just had my dvd shopping madness. First stop, the movie It's all about... THE WOMEN

Only from a woman's mouth...

Annette Bening: This is my face, deal with it

Meg Ryan: There should be a pill to make love go away.
Candice Bergen: Why would you want it to go away? It's hard enough to find it in the first place.

Annette Bening: Betrayal is inevitable in every relationship

Meg Ryan: I don't look at clocks anymore. It's very liberating.

Bette Midler: You didn't lose a husband, you earned a closet

And that is why, the only man (and yes the typical misguided soul) in the movie couldn't help but say...

I want to get to know you again. Have I missed my chance?

Monday, March 02, 2009

take a slurp err sip...

Starbucks Ad:

We revel in the drama of caramel and espresso infusing perfectly steamed milk

Enter Virnastar's thought bubble...

LGBTQ Community Ad:

We revel in the drama of "careers" and exes, infusing perfectly steamed imagination ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Just another monday

really not
the opposite of

It's indifference;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Matter of Pronouns

An old blog by one of my very good friends.
Im sure everyone can relate.
Like I said, it's just a matter of pronouns

I am Joe's heart

Since Joe was inside his mother's womb, I have been pumping blood all
over his body. Through his childhood, puberty and adulthood, I have
grown with Joe. I felt his passion for the arts, his hunger for
knowledge, and his devotion to his loved ones. But there's something
peculiar about Joe, about me. Whenever Joe would look at another man,
I would skip a beat. Joe and I find their bodies sexy. We were drawn
to them like a magnet. Later on I realized that I beat not for women
but for men. I'm attracted to another man's heart. And through time,
I didn't find it peculiar anymore. I am Joe's gay heart.

I am Joe' active heart. I usually beat fast when Joe goes to the gym,
when he's climbing walls at the local climbing center, or when he has
to meet a deadline at work. But something is different, something
delightful is happening within Joe right now. All of this started
when Joe met Jack.

I was beating normally, well more normal than usual since Joe was
drinking coffee in a café while writing in his notebook. I was trying
to cope with the amount of caffeine and nicotine Joe was consuming
when suddenly, I began to beat faster. I tried to make sense of it by
asking Brain what is happening. Brain told me that Eyes saw a man
looking at Joe. At first, according to the news of Brain (he's
somewhat of a gossip) that the man was glancing at Joe furtively.
Then, as reported by Eyes, the man smiled at Joe. It was about the
same time that I began to palpitate. I thought it was the combined
effects of cigarettes and coffee. But then, other chemicals were
flooding Joe's system. Brain told me that endorphins and adrenaline
were being released in huge amounts. Electrical bursts in Joe's
synapses are going off like fireworks. Then, I began to beat at a
faster pace. I was feeling anxious and excited. It was at the exact
time when the man Joe was looking at approached our table and
introduced himself. Ears told Brain who told me that the man's name
was Jack. Eyes said that Jack was very attractive, exactly the type
that Joe dreams of during REM stage. Nose said that Jack smelled
really nice. Nose doesn't have a wide vocabulary but we still love
him. Ears was in full attention, listening to the voice of Jack. The
information Ears received was immediately transmitted to Brain. And
Brain, the over-thinker that he is, began to match the information
with the data of Joe's ideal man. A perfect match. I told Brain,
Eyes, Ears, and Nose to maintain a low profile and be cautious. We've
been here before. Joe can't take another beating. I can only be
broken so many times. But Brain was insistent. He was all over the
place. He told Lungs the news and Lungs, for his part, had to control
Joe's breathing. Joe's groin area was a different story. They were
all abuzz about the news, surely brought about by Brain's
instigation. But I told them, keep it down. This has happened before;
the initial excitement of meeting someone new always registers this
effect on Joe. But in the end, it is I who will Joe ask for answers.
I am Joe's cautious heart.

I am Joe's beating heart. I've been skipping a beat, so to speak,
after Joe met Jack. They've been seeing each other for quite some
time now. Eyes is all over Jack: his face, his hands, his lips. Eyes
can't even focus on the movies Joe and Jack watched. Ears was more
attentive than usual, clinging on every word of Jack. Ears was making
sure that he heard everything correctly because, by now, Brain was
asking for a detailed report every minute. Brain tends to over
analyze everything. Brain thinks too much. He interprets Jack's
words, every syllable, even the way it was said and the tones used. A
simple phrase such as, "Do you want to go now", has numerous
interpretations: "is he bored, does he want to go without me, should
I say I still want to talk to him." Poor Brain, he's been working
overtime since Joe met Jack. Brain has replayed all of the dates of
Joe with Jack. Every time, he would focus on a single moment: a
touch, a smile, a nod, and come up with a thousand interpretations.
But I kept telling everyone, especially brain, to slow down. I have
to be sure. I have to be certain about what Joe feels about Jack,
what I feel about Jack's heart. I am Joe's doubtful heart.

I am Joe's guarded heart. Through the years, I have been broken many
times. Joe loved all of them. I loved all of them. Every time I feel
a connection, I would speak to the heart of Joe's current object of
affection. All of them told me that they love me, they love Joe. That
Joe, I, was the one they've been looking for. I am flattered, of
course. All of them promised the moon and the stars. Most of them
kept with my pace. Some of them even made me quiver by quoting
Neruda. But all of them said goodbye to me, to Joe. Joe couldn't
understand. Brain tried to theorize every break-up. But Brain
couldn't give Joe answers. Joe would always end up with questions for
me. I cannot answer him because I am broken. After each break up, I
would build a wall around me. Every time that I would be broken,
another brick would be laid and cemented. When Joe asks if I could
still love again, I would tell him to give me some time to rest.
Eventually, I would tell Joe to be hopeful for love would find us
inevitably. But I am scared. What's the point of finding love if I
would still end up broken? I am Joe's jaded heart.

I am Joe's feeling heart. You'd think Joe only listens to Brain. As
Joe learned from the past, love is truly an affair of the heart. This
is my domain, my area of expertise. Joe asked me a lot of questions
about Jack. He kept nagging me about how I feel about Jack. I'd tell
him that I've built a wall around me to protect myself from being
broken again. But the truth always escapes me. I had to be honest
with Joe. "Jack's the one, Joe." I'd say. I've spoken to Jack's heart
and we are in agreement. Jack's heart is in love. Jack is in love
with Joe. And I told Joe, affirming Brain's proposition that Joe was
in love with Jack. I am Joe's loved heart.

I am Joe's bleeding heart. Last night I felt a knife pierce through
me. I tried to do my usual work, pretend that everything is as it
should be. I kept telling myself that if I just wait and patiently
count the hours, I would feel Jack's beating heart again. But Eyes
has been crying since last night. Ears are deafened by the silence in
Joe's room. Hands long to touch Jack's Hands. But Jack was nowhere to
be found. Brain has replayed the scene over and over. Like watching a
big T.V. screen, all of Joe's organs, the entire body of Joe,
recalled what happened. Jack broke up with Joe. Jack said it wasn't
working out and that he met someone else. Mouth had no words to tell
Jack that he's making a mistake. Lips were shut tight while Eyes
fought back the tears. But the heaviest of burdens was pressed
against me last night. I was feeling Joe's pain. Brain's questions
are now my questions: why, what happened, what went wrong, am I not
enough. And I listened. I asked. I pleaded for Jack's heart to
respond. But Jack's heart was silent. Jack's heart was afraid that he
was making a mistake, a huge mistake. Jack's heart was terrified of
my honesty, my commitment, and my love. Jack's heart cannot fathom
the depths of my love for him. So he withdrew. He kept his distance.
He remained quiet. In his silence, we both knew the truth. Jack
didn't meet anyone new. Jack wasn't seeing another guy. Jack's heart
was afraid. Afraid of what I was prepared to give: a love with no
conditions, no doubts, and no questions. I was willing to compromise,
to overlook Jack's shortcomings. I love him despite his weaknesses,
his faults, his frailties. It was too much for Jack's heart to take.